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Yes polymer, but before getting our hands dirty let's have a short understanding of polymer. The polymer is a lightweight library which takes full advantage of new web standard called Web Components. With the help of Polymer, we can create web apps as well as custom HTML elements. Are you using plain JavaScript for building the web applications? No Way! Today’s world of fast app development requires for better ways of quickly developing interactive web applications and that’s where JavaScript frameworks are helpful. JavaScript frameworks have the status of being the backbone of the single page web applications development and they give superpowers to the HTML & JavaScript. As one of the most celebrated web development platforms, PHP has been used by web developers all over the world. The skill and knowledge of PHP developers is worth an immense amount of appreciation. Every facet of project development has been executed effectively using high-end PHP frameworks. Keep on reading this post as I’ll be talking about 10 outstanding PHP frameworks which have provided every PHP developer a foundation for building high-performing web applications.